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Just some drawings and pictures about my passions and places where I live...

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my hobbitquotes

That eyebrow XDHereditary eyebrows movings ;D 

my hobbitquotes

That eyebrow XD
Hereditary eyebrows movings ;D 

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100 Pictures of Aidan Turner ♠ → [98 & 99/100] 

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Ask me what has been the biggest challenge in playing this role and I’d have to say that it’s been walking up the stairs to my throne in the gold robe. I don’t think that there is a single take where I’m not treading on it and falling over.

~Lee Pace

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Appearance for Pushing Daisies.

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a quest to reclaim a homeland
                          and slay a dragon

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 kiliof-durin asked: Legolas in LOTR or Legolas in The Hobbit

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⊱ crystals ⊹ fantasy ⊹ nature ⊰

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